Who We Are

The Miss University Africa Pageant is the brain child of the African Personality Forum. It was established in 2010 as a NON-BIKINI PAGEANT out of a burning desire to change the “borrowed” narrative amongst African youths especially the females who have taken to wrong fashion trends of nudity and other social vices as a medium to attract attention in order to become famous. This trend is rapidly eroding our values/ethos as Africans.

This trend which is most common amongst university students and youths has attracted rape, abuse of women’s bodies, violence and destroyed many destinies due to lack of proper mentorship/education as these youths turn to wrong sources such as, entertainers, “celebrities”, fashion events and bikini beauty pageants as a source of inspiration to become “famous for the wrong reasons”.

Miss University Africa Pageant is on a mission with specific focus on bringing about major changes across Africa thereby raising a new generation of leaders on the continent that Africa/Africans can be proud of.

What We Do

Hence, the raison d’être of Miss University Africa to discourage indecent dressing amongst African youths, promote African unity, promote religious tolerance, celebrate/empower the African woman/youth, promote African culture/tourism and reach out to the less privileged on the continent through the Miss University Africa Foundation by
providing free education for 1 million children by 2050.
Miss University Africa is the only pageant in Africa that is widely/popularly accepted comprising the 55 African countries despite the religious beliefs (Christians/Muslims etc), language
barrier and ethnicity.

It also has a large international viewing audience shown across the world.

The winner of this pageant becomes the international queen for all Africa, a student/youth ambassador with a role to promote decent dress culture, women empowerment and promote free education for impoverished children on the continent.

Meet Our Team